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Vegetarian-friendly meals for the whole week!

Enjoy a week of tasty and delicious vegetarian meals. We promise you won’t miss the meat!

If you are already a vegetarian, then finding nutritious meals that also satisfy your taste buds can be difficult. We’ve put together a selection of dishes that tick both these boxes.

Monday: Veggie frying-pan lasagne


Start the week off with this cheesy delight! Cooking it in the frying pan will give it an artistic edge while the cheese will cook to perfection, encasing the deliciousness within. This lasagne recipe is right here.

Tuesday: Mushroom quesadillas


This Mexican dish is light and tasty – a perfect choice for getting into the week. The corn adds a burst of freshness, while the mushrooms and the dollop of sour cream on top add creaminess. This quesadillas recipe is right here.

Wednesday: Soba salad with grilled tofu

tofu salad

The grilled tofu might be a new taste for you, and that’s okay, because it goes well with the rest of the ingredients in this dish. Try your hand at using chopsticks or stick with what you know and use a fork. This tofu recipe is right here.

Thursday: Tomato & goat’s cheese quiche


Tasty and comforting, this tomato and goat’s cheese quiche is a family favourite because of its delicious flavours. It’s an ideal dish for leftovers and for the next day’s lunch at work. This quiche recipe is right here.

Friday: Broccoli & blue-cheese soup


It’s Fri-yay! Time to take things down a notch and take a trip down comfort-food lane. The broccoli adds a fresh touch while the blue cheese gives a lovely richness. This soup recipe is right here.

Saturday: Spinach roulade


Impress your dinner guests and try your hand at this impressive-looking but easy-to-make spinach roulade. This dish is served at room temperature, which means there is no last-minute stress. This roulade recipe is right here.

Sunday: Halloumi salad


Fresh, light and cheesy – the perfect combination for a salad. Keep things carefree this Sunday and end off your week of vegetarian-friendly meals with this stunner of a dish. This halloumi recipe is right here

Delicious dessert: Layered pavlova


Keep the spirit of warmer days alive with this fresh and bright dessert. The vibrant colours of the fruit look stunning against the plain background of the delicious pavlova and cream. This pavlova recipe is right here.

Sunday bake: Cheat’s molten chocolate puddings


Pat yourself on the back and reward your meat-free week with an indulgent chocolate-pudding dish. Get the centres just right so that warm chocolate oozes out at the slightest touch. This chocolate recipe is right here.


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