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Editor’s Note November 2013

I was walking past the perfume-tester stand in the pharmacy today and noticed the ‘signature scent’ I wore during my early 20s. I haven’t worn it or smelt it for more than two decades, and I was curious to see what I thought of the scent now

I spritzed it on my wrists and – wow! – the flashback was instant. My first big love, and inevitable heartbreak; spontaneous road trips; marathon Tracy Chapman sessions; all-night digs parties; crazy spiral perms; buzzing lecture halls – that scent accompanied me through it all. Even sitting here now, I can’t stop raising my wrist to my nose and breathing it in.

I loved my 20s and, looking back, I love the girl I was then…. I only wish I’d loved myself a little more – especially my body. Because, right now, in the midst of shopping for a new swimsuit, I would absolutely love to be taking that body with me into the change room.

The November issue of Good Housekeeping is packed with tips and ideas to help make sure your summer is healthy, fun and filled with moments that will make you smile when, in 10 years’ time, you catch a whiff of your current signature scent! Make the most of it.

Sally Emery


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