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Sally’s note: March 2014

Share your secrets

It was only after I had been going to hair- dressers for more than 30 years that one of them was thoughtful enough to actually show me how to blow-dry my hair properly. More than that, she handed the brush and the hairdryer to me and made me do it while she watched.

That 10-minute lesson changed my life. I know that in the big scheme of things this might sound silly – but I am sure you can relate. I can’t pretend that I step out of my bedroom each morning looking like I’ve had a professional blow-dry, but my hair is at least halfway towards being salon-perfect – which is a whole lot better than it was before.
I love it when I learn or discover some- thing that makes my everyday life a little simpler – and that is the essence behind this month’s beauty article (page 39), which gives 15 simple secrets from professionals that will transform your approach to getting gorgeous. They’re the sort of tips that are so simple and effective, you can’t believe you’re only being let in on the secret now.
We always love it when you share your tips and secrets with us too – and a quick and easy (and instant) way for you to do this is to join the conversations on our Facebook page and on Twitter. You can follow Good Housekeeping on @GoodHouseSA and me on @GH_Sally.
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