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WIN a R15 000 Cash Prize courtesy of 1st for Women and Help to end Women Abuse

Thanks to 1st for Women more women are able to always be prepared. Just in case.

If being prepared was a superpower, all women would have it. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we’ve always got something extra packed or a few minutes on our side, just in case. There are many scenarios we can prepare for, quite easily, and then there are those that we should never have to prepare for. The threat of abuse is one of these. Unfortunately, due to the scourge of women abuse in our country, equipping women to deal with an abusive situation has become critical.

1st for Women’s new initiative, For Women, is geared towards consolidating all efforts to fight women abuse, including preparing women for the realities of abuse, into one place. Read more about For Women here.

Thanks to 1st for Women, more women are able to always be prepared. Just in case.

To WIN R15 000 in cash, take part in our survey below:

CLOSING DATE: This competition has been extended. Entries close on 31 December 2017.

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Women Like to Be Prepared. #JustInCase

Scientific fact: women have an innate ability to be prepared.