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10 steps to becoming more successful

As important as it is to start off your workday with a bang, it is even more important to end it on a good note. Try these 10 ways to end off your 9-5 day

Here’s how you can do it:


1. Go through your to-do list

Tick off what you have accomplished and what you haven’t, and transfer these items over onto your new To-Do list.  Having a sense of completion also gives one a sense of accomplishment.  It is easier to sleep at night knowing you have achieved what you set out to do for the day.


2. Compile your new to-do list

While fresh in your mind, draw up your new To-Do list for the next day. When  you start your new day afresh with a plan in place, it gives you a few minutes breather when you get into the office to enjoy that freshly brewed cup of java!


3. Tidy your desk

File what needs to be filed. Shred the waste you no longer need. Place dirty coffee cups in the kitchen. It’s like arriving home to a bed that hasn’t been made… it can only be a start to a bad day if your desk isn’t tidied from the day before.


4. Tie up loose ends

Use the time to complete the tasks you were busy with so you can start anew the next day. It always helps to start afresh and not try complete stuff from the past day.


5. Finish your emails

Take 10 minutes to go through the less important emails you haven’t had a chance to check or go through.  Flag those that are important to look at the next morning… it prevents a back log.


6. Reflect on your day

Take time out, even if driving home, to congratulate yourself with a pat on the back with what you have achieved, or consider where you feel you could have done better. Learn from where you have succeeded and where you have failed.  Where you feel you need guidance, rely on a mentor or colleague to help you in the future.


7. Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to colleagues – besides being good manners, it gives them the opportunity to ask for anything they may urgently require and sets a good basis for interpersonal relationships.


8. Be kind to the environment

Turn off any machines, computers, printers and lights in your area.  The environment needs all the help and support it can get!


9. Disconnect

Switch off from your day’s work.  Enjoy your evening and time with friends and family.  Re-energise and prepare yourself for a new day tomorrow.  Don’t be scared to leave work behind and enjoy your time out.  Go for a run, hit the gym, shop or do what you enjoy most.


10. Don’t feel bad going home

 There is a only a certain amount of productivity within each of us. There is no point in working when you are exhausted. It is better to head home with a good plan in place for the next day, and a clean desk where you can start afresh in the morning.


Tips provided by Linda Trim, marketing and sales director at Giant Leap. 

For more information, visit www.giantleap.co.za 


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