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Your Stars: May 2014

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of your month! By Tracy Shaw





(21 APR – 21 MAY)


Usually you take life’s stresses in your stride, but currently you are feeling fed up. Address the cause of the problem sooner rather than later.


RELATIONSHIPS Reminiscing about childhood with a sibling increases mutual understanding. It also opens up a possibility for the future.

SELF-CARE You need time to yourself, otherwise you’ll get irritable.

MONEY Failing to read the small print midmonth could lead to a costly mistake. Double-check contracts and exchange policies.

PERSONALITY Serene, sensual and instinctive, Taurus is the earth mother of the zodiac. She enjoys cooking, decorating and creating beautiful things. She is also pragmatic, with plenty of common sense and a nose for business. Being risk averse, material and emotional security are vital to her happiness. She often discreetly plays a harmonising role among family and friends. An affectionate partner and parent, she can be possessive.

STRENGTHS People are drawn to her reassuring presence and her gift for appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Even in the midst of difficulties, she remembers to stop and smell the roses.

BLIND SPOT She can be so attached to her comfort zone that she becomes lazy and gets stuck in a rut.

COLOURS Pink and russet.

GEMSTONES Emerald and coral.





(22 MAY – 21 JUN)


Until the 7th, you are reluctant to leave your comfort zone. Then curiosity gets the better of you. Being actively engaged boosts self-confidence

and stimulates creative thinking.


RELATIONSHIPS It’s a good time for contacting people, both existing friends and new acquaintances.

SELF-CARE Overstimulation stresses your nervous system, so make sure you switch off regularly.

MONEY Towards the end of the month there are rewards for having been sensible.



(22 Jun – 23 Jul)


Positive developments are an encouragement to believe in yourself and spread your wings. The support you need is available, so there is no excuse for holding back.

RELATIONSHIPS As much as you care about parents, you can’t control their choices or stop them being impulsive. Respect their independence. After all, they are adults, like you.

SELF-CARE You’ll find movies, books or courses that delve into what makes people tick fascinating and revealing.

MONEY There are no surprises when it comes to finances.





(24 JUL – 23 AUG)


Success comes from being realistic, pacing yourself and working to achieve your goals. From the 20th, the emphasis is on communication, networking and being socially active.

RELATIONSHIPS Use tact to negotiate a tricky patch with the in-laws. Be supportive of your partner, but don’t get personally involved or take sides.

SELF-CARE Make time to smell the roses along the way and you’ll get more pleasure out of each day.

MONEY Explore moneymaking ideas, but avoid tempting get-rich- quick schemes.





(24 AUG – 23 SEPT)


Enjoy the opportunities to meet people, exchange ideas and learn from the school of life. Don’t worry that you aren’t being productive. For now, making connections is more important.

RELATIONSHIPS Parenting stretches you and your partner to be inventive. Entertain all the options, including those you’d usually dismiss as too off the wall.

SELF-CARE Unwind with light entertainment that makes you laugh while touching your heart.

MONEY Think about what money values you are passing on to your kids.





(24 SEPT – 23 OCT)

It’s a fast-paced month. Have the courage to take the lead and act independently. As soon as you do, others will be quick to join in.


RELATIONSHIPS Restore the balance by sometimes putting yourself first, rather than always aiming to please. Some people will be disconcerted initially, but they will soon adjust.

SELF-CARE Being in or near water is calming. Soak in the bath, go for a swim or walk beside the sea.

MONEY There is good news towards month-end.





(24 OCT – 22 NOV)


Uncertainty is a sign that it’s not the right time to make an important decision. Give yourself space to weigh up options and ask questions. Around the 20th, there’s an ‘aha’ moment.

RELATIONSHIPS Working relationships are going through a shake-up. Stay calm and be positive. In your personal life, your man is a stabilising influence.

SELF-CARE Boost your spirits with inspiring stories that show the best side of human nature.

MONEY The resources are available to reach for a dream.





(23 NOV – 22 DEC)


Since you’re able to combine optimism with realism, steps you take now will succeed. Avoid quick fixes and consider carefully what you want to achieve.

RELATIONSHIPS Your social circle is in flux, mainly due to circumstances but also because you are reviewing how you spend your leisure time.

SELF-CARE Outdoor activity that takes you out of your usual environment is as good as a holiday.

MONEY For most of the month you should be sensible. Then you can afford to indulge.





(23 DEC – 20 JAN)


Life is busy, as you’re juggling various commitments. However, things go more smoothly than expected and the right people appear at the right time.

RELATIONSHIPS Despite some midmonth tension, this is a positive period for family relationships. You and your partner will benefit from spending time unwinding together.

SELF-CARE Don’t worry about what is beyond your control – lighten up with regular doses of humour.

MONEY Be sensible, but don’t take the joy out of life.





(21 JAN – 19 FEB)


When in doubt, have faith and go with the flow. At work, being sensitive to people’s feelings is more important than being right.

RELATIONSHIPS This month, turn your attention to family life. When everyone is on the go, it’s easy to neglect simple everyday rituals like sitting down together for a meal and a chat.

SELF-CARE A daily routine makes life run more smoothly, so find the rhythm that works for you.

MONEY Don’t spend money that’s been promised until payment arrives.





(20 FEB – 20 MAR)


Sometimes the future takes care of itself, but currently it’s better to plan ahead. You don’t have to write anything in stone. Leave room to be flexible and make adjustments as you go along.

RELATIONSHIPS Vague communication can result in misunderstandings. Spell things out clearly, rather than expect others to know intuitively what you mean.

SELF-CARE Simple pleasures like good food, good company and the beauty of nature will nourish body and soul.

MONEY Be prepared for some unexpected expenses.





(21 MAR – 20 APR)


Balancing the responsibilities of work and home is an ongoing challenge. You are more effective when you are flexible, recognise your limits and get creative about sharing the load.

RELATIONSHIPS Circumstances make it difficult for you and your man to spend quality time together. However, midmonth favours being spontaneously romantic.

SELF-CARE Rest and renew with gentle pleasures like pleasant company, the beauty of nature or a good book.

MONEY Rather than splurge impulsively, allocate cash for special treats.

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