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14 money-saving home tips

Your money-saving guide
money-saving home tips

1. Shell out only for skincare with active ingredients

Invest in products that stay on skin longer and have a longer-term effect (for example anti-ageing items). Spend less on things you’ll just wash off, like facial cleanser, body wash and soap.

2. Cook at home

Plan a week’s worth of dinners and set aside one evening to cook a few. You’ll be less tempted to order in or eat out when there’s a home-made meal in the fridge.

3. Eat less meat

Make pulses – the edible dry seeds of legumes – the main event at dinner. You’ll cut your risk of heart, liver and kidney disease, and slash your grocery bill.

4. Make your mani and pedi last longer

Massage cuticle oil into nails every day for shine and to keep skin soft. Keep a bottle of your go-to mani shade at home so that you can touch up chips in between appointments.

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5. Skip pricey specialty products

Use regular soap to hand-wash delicates. Sunlight Laundry Bar, for instance, can clean your smalls for a fraction of the price.

6. Have a special shopping-only e-mail address

Create an account just for online shopping so you won’t be tempted by ‘50% off everything on the site!’ messages.

7. Sip from a chic bottle

Always buying a bottle of water for your morning spinning class? Invest in a reusable water bottle; the planet will thank you and if you reach for it just three times a week, you’ll save about R1 000 a year.

8. Be laundry savvy

If you always ‘guesstimate’ the amount of laundry detergent to use, you’re probably using too much, which is bad for your clothes and your shopping bill. Start measuring your laundry detergent, starting today.

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9. Get a library card 

Read free of charge and save more than R5 000 a year if you zoom through two new titles a month.

10. Spend R20, save R20

Can’t kick your morning latte habit? Every time you indulge, put aside the same amount you’ve paid. You’ll see how much it’s actually costing you and end up with a stash of cash for a rainy day.

11. Shop smart with digital discounts

Log on to www.unileverdeals.co.za and start saving on a variety of daily essentials like washing powder, tea and shampoo . Select the supermarket you’ll be shopping at – Spar, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Checkers or Shoprite – then click through to see the updated discounts. Click on the product you want and a code will be sent to your cellphone. Show it at the till after shopping for the products and the discount will be deducted from your bill.

12. Turn R1 into R1 378!

Put a rand into a savings jar this week, R2 next week, R3 the next and so on. Up the amount by a rand a week for the rest of the year. Without ever parting with more than R52 at once, you’ll end up with more than R1 300 in 52 weeks.

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13. Buy washable ‘paper towels’

Stop spending precious cash on disposables and use micro fibre cloths instead.

14. Start a family food journal

Billions of kilograms of food go to waste each year. Log everything that ends up being tossed out and skip these items – or buy smaller quantities – on your next shopping trip.

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