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3 Easy Holidays Reads

Three books you can enjoy under the sun this holiday



1.   An Officer And A Spy by Robert Harris

James Murray, a Scottish doctor, is fascinated by the criminal mind, so he travels to Turin to be an apprentice to the criminologist Cesare Lombroso. On his arrival, someone is murdered and Lombroso is implicated. With the help of the local investigator, Murray is determined to find out the truth behind the killings.


2.    The Truth About You by Susan Lewis

Lainey Hollingsworth not only oversees her husband’s writing career but also runs a full household, which includes her adoptive father. Her mother ran away from her biological father when she was a baby and she’s always wanted to find out the secret behind her departure. Now that she’s decided to go looking for the truth, an SMS stops her in her tracks. Is her husband keeping secrets as well?


3.    Cross My Heart by James Patterson

Alex Cross, a family man at heart, is devoted to his wife and kids. As a detective, he has made many enemies. His predator is now hunting all that is dear to him. Will Cross be able to protect the ones he loves?


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