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3 Great Fiction Reads

Lose yourself in these great books



1. The Prey by Tony Park (Quercus, R240)

An illegal mining group led by Washington Shumba is hunting for gold in the Barberton area, just outside the Kruger National Park. Mining manager Cameron McMurtrie intervenes when the illegal miners kidnap employees. Kylie Hamilton, sent to South Africa by Australian mining giant Global Resources to investigate a new site, is forced to work with McMurtrie to rescue the kidnapped men. Their drive and determination evolves into something more.


2. Lion Heart by Justin Cartwright (Bloomsbury, R255)

Richard Cathar is on a quest to make sense of his delusional and hippie father Alaric’s claims concerning a sacred Christian relic. The late Alaric was a renaissance man, an archeologist and a historian. Richard retraces his footsteps to Jerusalem where he discovers that Richard the Lion Heart recovered the True Cross from Saladin. He also falls in love with a journalist, who seems to have secrets of her own. What else will his travels unveil?


3. The Signature Of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (Bloomsbury, R270)

The enthralling love story of two unlikely characters. Botanist Alma Whittaker is the daughter of Henry Wittaker, a self-made man. Alma not only inherits her fathers’ money but his brilliant mind too. She meets Ambrose Pike, the utopian artist who steers her in a different direction. Together they go on a journey of discovery to understand the world and its makings.

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