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3 lies that are okay to tell your kids

These white lies might do more good than harm


Yes, you read right. Most parents will tell you that there are certain things you technically can lie to your kids about, especially when they’re young. Like these ones:


1. TV will rot your brain

Like telling them ‘drinking cool drink will stunt your growth’, some lies are purely to protect and keep them healthy. And yes, sometimes you have to be overdramatic to get them to listen.  Even if they eventually figure out you weren’t telling the truth, hopefully by then they’ll have already adopted these good habits.


2. Of course Santa Claus is real

Definitely one of the most common lies, this one works for two reasons: not only does the thought of getting presents excite your kids, but you can also use the jolly geriatric as leverage to get your little ones to behave. You can let them figure out his imaginary existence for themselves or decide to break the news to them when you feel it’s time.


3. I’ll stop this car right now!

Empty threats like saying you’ll turn the car around on the way to a movie or that you’ll never throw them another birthday party, don’t hold up for long. (Unless you actually do it once!) But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Plus we’re sure you got told this (and probably other) fibs a lot when you were younger, and you turned out just fine.


Adapted from 7 lies it’s technically okay to tell your kids.


Remember, some parents choose never to lie to their kids. And that’s okay too. Do what’s best for you and your child! 

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