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3 Pet Problems Fixed…Today!

We’ve done the research to find solutions for everyday pet issues



1. Pet hair everywhere!

You might think that it’s normal for dogs and cats to shed hair, but it could be pointing to an underlying problem, such as anxiety or allergies that result in dry skin. Make an appointment with your vet to rule out any health problems. Also, are you brushing your pet enough?


2. The groomers messed up Fido’s haircut!

Always remember to give precise instructions to prevent bad-hair days (‘Fido’s ears should be rounded’). If you’re unsatisfied with the results, speak to the manager before paying. Don’t be critical (‘You ruined my dog!’) and let the manager respond with a solution to your satisfaction.


3. Cat food on the kitchen floor…

Your cat’s bowl could be making her ill! Not only can plastic bowls lead to cancer of the ear and nose, they can also harbour bacteria, lead to chin acne and can even make food and water taste bad, according to Julia Szabo, author of over six books on living with animals, and Wendy Christensen’s The Humane Society Of The United States Complete Guide To Cat Care (St Martin’s Press). Rather use porcelain or stainless-steel bowls, and if that doesn’t work, it could be that kitty is playing a game – use a deeper bowl or tire her out with playtime before each meal.


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