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3 Quick Ways to De-stress

The children are arguing, your boss is waiting for a report, and the car guy called to tell you that the funny noise your engine has been making is a four-figure problem. Try these stress-busting tips:



1. Go on, go for the (dark) chocolate…

‘Avoiding cravings often leads to overeating in the long run,’ says Dr Melina Jampolis, author of The Busy Person’s Guide To Permanent Weight Loss (Thomas Nelson Publishers). ‘I find that many of my patients eat “around” their cravings and end up consuming twice as many kilojoules.’ Choose dark chocolate, which is higher in antioxidants and usually lower in sugar than milk chocolate, she advises. A cocoa content of 70% is optimal but if you find that too bitter, go down a little. Control portions by having a couple of squares and putting the rest away.


2. Get a Massage…

…even if it’s from yourself. Take off your shoes and either rub your feet or roll them over a tennis ball, suggests Dr Susan Albers, a psychologist and author of 50 Ways To Soothe Yourself Without Food (New Harbinger Publications). It slows the heart rate and reduces levels of stress hormones.


3. Move it

Exercise will release your stress even faster than food. ‘Just a 10-minute walk will take the edge off,’ says Joan Salge Blake, author of Nutrition And You (Benjamin Cummings). ‘Me, I power-clean. It’s very therapeutic to scrub the bathroom or vacuum the car. If you have children, your car will need it, and cleaning it gives immediate satisfaction.’ Just one note of warning: ‘You don’t want to power-clean the fridge!’ says Blake.


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