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3 Tips for Picky Eaters

Get your kids to eat almost anything



Is your child finicky about food? Put these smart tactics to work:



1. Don’t force them


Children tend to do the opposite of what we ask. So if you’re making a big deal about how good vegetables are, chances are kids won’t eat them. Simply place your child’s meal in front of them and continue to eat your own. There will be less pressure on them and if they’re really hungry, they’ll eat without any complaints.


2. Give them options…


Instead of always telling them exactly what to eat, give your kids some control over what’s on their plate. Offer two or three options, for example, ‘Would you like peas, green beans or baby marrow with that?’


… or a dip


There’s something about dips that makes meals more appealing to kids. But don’t let them drench everything in tomato sauce. Try healthier options like hummus and serve it with cold meats and fresh veg.


3. Let them help  


Encourage them to try new foods by letting them help prepare meals. They’ll be too proud not to eat the food!


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Q: Do your kids have any strange eating habits?


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