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4 Tips for Working from Home

Thinking of handing in your resignation and setting up an office at home? We’ve got four tips to help you make it work for you

1. Do your research


Some jobs are more suited to a home office than others. Freelance writing, PR, physiotherapy, baking, life coaching, selling products or running a bed and breakfast are a few. Do research to ensure there is a demand for your services. And make sure you have enough capital to see you through the first six months while you establish your business.


2. Position yourself as an expert


‘Contribute and write for blogs and websites – not only is this a way of advertising your skills and services, it also helps you to create a portfolio of your work,’ says Carolyn Holgate, MWEB Connect general manager. ‘A strong online presence will not only aid you in your search for opportunities but will also facilitate opportunities finding you.’ She recommends MWEB’s Website SelfBuild – DIY site-building software that helps business-owners set up their own website.


3. Take an emotional journey


Create an emotional separation between home and office by going for a short walk every weekday morning before work and returning ready for a day at the office.


4. Find your optimum dress code


What you wear while working at home is an individual preference. You may find being able to work in your most confortable tracksuit pants is one of the working-from-home perks, makes no difference to your work output and saves on cleaning bills. You’ll need to establish what dress code works best for you.


By Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor



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