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5 must-have books

Bury your nose in these great reads…
must-have books

Revive your sense of adventure with these great reads. 

Get three women’s perspectives on parenting in today’s world:

The Park by Gail Schimmel (Pan Macmillan)

Rebecca regularly takes her daughter to the park to play. It is there that she meets two other mothers, and they – and their daughters – soon become close friends. Until trust is broken and shocking secrets are revealed. 

Hurrah For Gin by Katie Kirby (Hodder & Stoughton) 

Don’t expect any sound parenting advice from this book, only honest anecdotes and truly funny cartoon illustrations every frazzled parent will be able to relate to. You’ll want to lend this book, which is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, to all your friends. 

Saving Phoebe Murrow by Herta Feely (Bonnier Publishing)

When Isabel’s teen daughter Phoebe attempts suicide she lays the blame at her mother’s feet. This tense novel encapsulates every modern parent’s concerns around raising children in the social-media era. 

Tweens and teens will lose themselves in these:

Brigadier And The Spirit Pony by Marga Jonker (Tafelberg)

Pony-lovers will enjoy this relatable story set on a guest farm near Plettenberg Bay. Gabi has been sent on holiday to reconnect with her estranged father. When she agrees to go riding in the forest with two local boys, she is left questioning her choices. 

Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven (Penguin Random House)

Libby used to be ‘America’s Fattest Teen’. Jack isn’t able to recognise faces. When the two clash at school, beautiful things start to happen. An empowering read about self-acceptance, with valuable lessons for both teens and adults. Read it once your daughter is done. 

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