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5 Packing Tips

Heading away for the holidays? Try these nifty packing tips to help reduce stress and unnecessary suitcase clutter



1 Roll it up

Minimise wrinkles by rolling, not folding three to four garments together, with knits on the inside. Don’t forget to pack a couple of mesh lingerie bags for keeping dirty and clean clothing separate.


2 Sock it in

Make every crevice count. Stow chunky jewellery in socks and pack them inside your shoes. If you’re flying, wear your bulkiest shoes on board and slip an extra pair of flats into your suitcase.


3 Prep Ahead

Keep a file on your desktop that can be easily transferred to a memory stick. On it, keep notes for any house- and pet-sitters, which can be updated as and when you need to, as well as a folder containing all documents relating to your itinerary. You should also have a folder containing scans of all passports and any other essential documents. Travelling with prescription medicine? Some countries need a letter stating the necessity for certain medicines – have a hard copy and a scan of the letter as well as a back-up prescription for emergencies.


4 Snag your Bag

Ensure your bag is well labelled and easily identified with a bright ribbon for easy catching off the carousel. Looking for new luggage? Consider buying brightly coloured pieces that are easier to identify in a sea of same-same black holdalls.


5 Wash Away

Keep all those travel-sized toiletries in a handy Tupperware – when it’s time to pack for your holiday, fill your toilet bag from here first before heading for the full-sized shampoos et al.

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