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5 Things you Didn’t Know about Burmese Cats!

Burmese cats are widely known to be intelligent, active and affectionate. Here are a few things you might not have known about them
  • Burmese cats are often described as ‘brick wrapped in silk’ because they have solid, muscular bodies and silky coats.


  • Their name is a combination of Burma (which today is known as Myanmar) and Siamese (the breed that a cat from Burma was originally crossbred with). In Thai their name means ‘beautiful, fortunate and of splendid appearance’.


  •  Although the original Burmese cat was dark brown in colour, the breed now comes in a variety of coat colours, of which blue, chocolate, lilac and tortoiseshell are the most popular.


  • They are known as dog-like cats – they like to play fetch and enjoy going for walkies on a leash!


  •  Burmese are very loving, intuitive and involved cats. They are known for being overly curious and aren’t afraid of strangers. They adore human company.


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