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8 Signs You are Turning into your Mother

Sorry, but it’s time to face the facts
mom and daughter

Blame genetics, but there’s something slightly eerie about the slow-but-steady transformation you make into your mother. It starts out by using the same phrases, or nagging friends to put on a jacket. Next thing you know, you’re a full-blown, robe-wearing, finger-wagging mom — no kids required.

While moms are basically real-life superheros (seriously, we couldn’t live without them!), here are a few sure-fire signs that your mom-ification is almost complete:

1. You actually feel compelled to clean.

‘I’m super particular about how my home looks before having visitors. I have to vacuum and dust and have it looking perfect or else I feel super embarrassed … something I never thought I’d care about.’ —Lauren M.

2. You talk (and sometimes weep) watching TV.

‘I’ve noticed I’ve become like my mom when she watches television. She will gasp, ooh and ahh at scenes, even if she’s seen the show a thousand times. I find myself doing the same thing now, and it’s something my grandma does as well.’ —Michelle M. 

3. Sometimes you make the *exact* same jokes.

‘I made a joke about naming my daughter Stacy when listening to “Stacy’s Mom” with my friends. Two weeks later, while listening to it with my mom, she goes, “I should have named you Stacy!” ’ — Meghan R.

4. You’re a teensy bit paranoid.

‘I check to make sure I locked the door twice, sometimes three times. One year, we were all packed up in Mom’s car on our way on holiday, and she started reversing out of the driveway, only to stop because she wanted to make sure she’d turned off the oven. Then she wanted to make sure she’d turned off her curling iron. I think we did this about three or four more times before we finally got on the road. Now, as an adult, I’ve gone all the way across town, then back to my apartment again to make absolutely sure that I turned off the oven or avoided whatever potential disaster I’ve cooked up in my head.’ —Devin T.

5. No one leaves your house hungry.

‘I’m constantly trying to feed everyone. When people come over, I always offer snacks multiple times (even if it’s right after dinner). I make sure that no one is hungry — and if they are, I am on it.’ —Kate B.

6. You will NOT let those old wives’ tales die.

‘I tell my girls to not go outside with wet hair, even though science proved that’s not how you catch a cold.’ —Elizabeth P.

7. Your keys? They’re probably buried at the bottom of your purse.

‘I’m always thinking that I lost something or left it somewhere, frantically looking around for it and finding in the right place.’ —Kayla R.

8. You’re pretty confident in your look.

‘My mom used to take my sisters and me shopping and would see things she liked and say, “This would look great on me!” We thought it was so weird and annoying but now we will do the same thing when we’re out shopping and finding something that fits our look.’ —Molly C.


From: Good Housekeeping US



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