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Advertorial: Give your Pet Only the Best

Treat your four-legged friends to the best in food, toys and other high-quality pet accessories, delivered straight to your door with Pet Lovers




One of SA’s favourite online pet stores, Pet Lovers, stocks a wide range of quality pet products and conveniently delivers them to your home. Simply shop online at www.petlovers.co.za for pet products, including fun toys, healthy pet food, the cutest outfits and comfy pet beds.   Call Pet Lovers today on 0861–PET–LOVE (0861-738-5683) and to speak to a trained pet nutritionist who will guide you through the shopping process and give you expert and honest advice.   Why waste any more time and money racing to the vet or pet shop before it closes when you can simply shop online at your convenience, and have your order delivered to your house or office? For more information visit www.petlovers.co.za and check out their great range of hand-picked, quality products. Start spoiling your adorable pets today!

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