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(Another) 10 Simple Acts of Kindness

A small, simple act of kindness can go a long way. Try these today



  1. Give your petrol attendant an extra-large tip.
  2. Rekindle your Girl Guide spirit: pick up rubbish at a playground or a park.
  3. Give the gift of life: become an organ donor by contacting the Organ Donor Foundation (www.odf.org.za) or call 0800 22 66 11).
  4. Bake or buy muffins and deliver them to an old-age home.
  5. Donate your old computer to an underprivileged school.
  6. Get into the global phenomenon of BookCrossing (www.bookcrossing.com). Leave an interesting book in a public place for someone else to find.
  7. Share happy memories. Post an old photo to a friend, with a note on the back about when it was taken.
  8. Send a Valentine’s card in December.
  9. Name a star after someone at starregistry.com.
  10. Send somebody an e-card, just because. The funnier, the better. See www.123greetings.com.
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A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day brighter. Try these acts of goodwill today