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Cat-scratch Disease…

…and other pet health hazards



Image:  Huffington Post 

Cat Scratches


Your cat can transmit bacterial infection through bites and scratches – so be especially protective of young children. Pediatrician Dr Wendy Sue Swanson warns that cat-scratch disease can be passed from cats to people. Even though it’s a rare disease, symptoms to look out for include swollen glands, redness, rash, fever, headache and fatigue. Consult your doctor if you’re concerned.




Salmonella is a nausea-inducing bacterium that can infect the small intestine – and it might be carried in the dry food you feed your pets. Make sure you keep pet food out of reach of young children.


Water bowls


Did you know that, according to Swanson, babies drown in a mere 50mm of water? Don’t ever leave your child unattended near a water bowl!

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