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Cats and Dogs Lovers will Love this Book

David Grimm’s insightful book investigates the evolving nature of our relationship with cats and dogs



Dogs and cats are much more to us than just domesticated animals. They’re our friends and companions – and sometimes entertainers, who love us unconditionally. In most households, pets are considered to be a part of the family.


Award-winning animal-science journalist David Grimm’s book, Citizen Canine (PublicAffairs), takes a look at our fellow canine citizens and provides valuable insight into human nature. ‘Part of our growth and evolution as a society is our changing relationship to the beings around us,’ he says in a Wired.com interview.


This book is an invaluable read for anyone who loves their animal family, or if you have been wondering why the Internet is dominated by cat videos…


Available on Kalahari.com, R342,68.


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