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The One Thing Every Couple should Talk about

This proven way to improve your marriage is also the world’s easiest: chat, gossip, fall in love a little more. By Lisa Freedman

The one thing every couple should talk about is…



It’s not gossip – it’s couples therapy. Whispering about your friends behind their backs could help your marriage. ‘You’re not just passing judgment,’ says Dr Robb Willer, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University in the US; you’re figuring out what’s cool (and not).


The way Lauren treated her husband at dinner? Sean’s too-flirty-with-the-waitress ways? Talk about who you think was right or wrong and what you would have done differently. ‘People who share the same values have stronger relationships,’ says Willer. And if you disagree, you have the chance to hash out your points of view.


That said, while comparing your marriage with those of your friends can help you appreciate what you have, Willer cautions against downplaying your own problems. You still have to work on your relationship, he says, even if it looks great next to your train-wreck pals.



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