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Does your Dog have Tangled Fur?

We found 3 products that can help

Solution 1:

Purl Advanced De-tangling pet shampoo


This pearly shampoo contains specialised conditioning properties that make detangling a cinch. It’s specially formulated for dogs with longer hair.

Bonus: You can use this to wash your cat too!

R51 for 250ml



Solution 2:

Everyday Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Conditioner


This deep-penetrating conditioner can be used with the Isle of Dogs shampoo for a noticeably soft, smooth and manageable coat. It also has a wonderful jasmine-and-vanilla scent.

R150 for 500ml



Solution 3:

Mikki Anti Tangle Comb


This innovative comb was specially designed by grooming experts. It’s teeth can spin 360 degrees, which reduces combing pressure, removes loose hair and dirt, and leaves your dog’s coat looking shiny.

Course Coats Comb R108

Fine Coats Comb R112



All products are available on www.petlovers.co.za

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