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Easy online money management

These websites offer advice, tips and tools to help you get your finances under control and make your money go further



Just Money is the go-to website for advice on practically anything money-related. You can compare bank accounts, credit cards and fees, or find out about the medical aids, insurances, investments, loans and retirement savings on the market. It also explains vehicle finance and offers information on both debt consolidation and counselling. You can apply for these services directly from the site – simply fill in your details and the relevant salesperson will call you. Or contact a Just Money expert for more advice. The site also offers regular news updates for the various fields; alternatively, sign up and have a newsletter e-mailed directly to your inbox.




We love the ‘shift_ctrl’ slogan of this brilliant – and free – personalised-budgeting site. Moneysmart has five key features: it analyses and categorises transactions, tracks spending, represents transactions in a digestible pie chart, allows you to set and track goals, and sends you financial alerts. There are three ways to access this service: upload your bank statements in .csv format, sync your accounts or manually populate a spreadsheet. If you just heard yourself say ‘Huh?’, never fear: there’s a live-chat function for instant help.

Twitter: MONEYchirps

Facebook: moneysmartsa




Do the words ‘credit status’ make you feel lost in the wilderness? Take heart from the fact that CreditExpert by Experian – South Africa’s foremost consumer credit bureau – can help you get on top of your personal credit information. When you register you will be able to check your rating as often as you like, monitor possible identification fraud and ensure your report accurately reflects your credit history. CreditExpert even provides advice on how to improve your rating – a positive credit report will help you obtain credit and negotiate better interest rates on your accounts – saving you money in the long run.



Source: Good Housekeeping April 2013

By: Leah van Deventer and Cariné Müller

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