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Ellen puts herself in Taylor Swift’s video – and it’s hilarious!

Our cover star Ellen DeGeneres as you’ve never seen her before. Sorry, Tay-Tay!
Taylor Swift's video

If you’ve seen Taylor Swift’s music video for her latest big hit, Look What You Made Me Do, you must watch this.

It turns out that our October cover star, Ellen DeGeneres, made an appearance in the ‘original’ music video. In the lead-up to the preview of this never-before-seen-footage, Ellen tells us that she wants to ‘talk about a friend of mine … her name is Taylor Swift’, and how good her new music video is, but points out that ‘it could have been better’.

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As she continues to praise Taylor and her music video’s success – it’s had more than 460-million views since it premiered at the MTV VMAs last month – Ellen’s Life Rules as discussed in the new issue of Good Housekeeping come to mind. Especially when you consider her reasons for creating the parody. Ellen is encouraging all of those who have watched Taylor’s actual music video to donate just $1 (that’s R13,46) to the Hand in Hand hurricane-relief efforts. Kind Lesson #1 (Just Be Nice) ring any bells?

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Ellen further explains that being part of Tay-Tay’s squad, she suspects that she was cut out of the original video because Taylor is sometimes threatened by her. Fair enough, this is Ellen we’re talking about! It can definitely be confirmed that lesson #4 (Find a Way to Forgive) is showcased here, since it doesn’t seem as though there is any ‘Bad Blood’ between the two of them.

Watch the spoof video below. And to read Ellen’s Kindness Rules, see our October issue. You can buy a digital
copy here



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