Family Fun Friday

Are you fresh out of ideas on how to keep your kids entertained, especially when it’s raining outside? Make this weekend fly by with these fun at-home activities


10 fun indoor activities

Simply print out this list and stick it on the refrigerator so you’re ready when boredom strikes.



1. Set up camp in the living room.

Equip the kids with flashlights and warm marshmallow-and-cracker sandwiches, and buy glow-in-the-dark star stickers for the ceiling.


2. Relive the good old days.

Take out your photo albums and let the kids turn your family pics into works of art by creating a family scrapbook. No need to stock up on (expensive) scrapbooking material – you can use anything from wrapping paper to old birthday cards, pretty buttons or paper clips.


3. Have an indoor picnic or tea party.

Help kids prepare the snacks and drinks, then set the scene for either a very girly tea party or a casual picnic.


4. Make home-made Play-Doh.

Imagination and creativity are vital processes to enhance learning skills, and this is an incredibly easy (and fun!) way for kids to develop and improve these skills.


5. Play cinema at home.

Draw the blinds, stock up on DVDs, make popcorn and get ready for a cosy day in.


6. Bake something.

Spend some quality time in the kitchen helping your kids bake yummy treats for the family, or make home-made pizza for dinner. And remember – no-one gets to eat before the kitchen is tidied up.

Click here for the recipe for hazelnut hearts and red velvet cupcakes.


7. Revamp your style.

Add fun buttons to an otherwise plain jacket, turn old denims into a skirt or make gloves using a worn-out jersey.


8. Do arts and crafts.

Spark your kids’ creativity by tackling all kinds of DIY or craft projects. Clear out a space – like the dining room table – and cover it with newspaper to make cleaning-up easier.


9. Play dress-up.

Most of us have a collection of hand-me-down clothes and accessories stored in a box somewhere. Take out the clothes – along with those lipsticks and eyeshadows that just never were your shade – and let the girls have some fun!


10. Write and mail a letter to friends or family.

Letter writing seems to be a dying art. Let the kids hand write cards for Grandma and Grandpa. Here’s a clever way to make the cards even more special – use a cabbage to make flower stamps.



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