A roundup of family TV this week

Monday 7 April 2014



M-Net Movies Family (channel 105) | 7pm | Family

A mischievous girl tries to save her school in this endearing film based on the well-known children’s book series. With Frances McDormand and Nigel Hawthorne.



Tuesday 8 April 2014


Planet 51

M-Net Movies Family (channel 105) | 5.30pm | PG

An astronaut thinks he has discovered an uninhabited planet in this animated comedy. However, he soon realises that it is in fact inhabited by little green men, who think he is a scary alien.



Wednesday 9 April 2014



M-Net Movies Romance (channel 107) | 6pm | PG13

In this new version of the old classic, we revisit the story of a young man who teaches a small town how to enjoy once again music and dancing, which have been banned for far too long.



Thursday 10 April 2014


The Crazy Ones

M-Net (channel 101) | 6pm | 13

We like this comedy series with Robin Williams (his first role in a series in 31 years!) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (who has won a People’s Choice Award for her performance).



Friday 11 April 2014


The Borrowers

M-Net Movies Comedy (channel 104) | 5.45pm | PG

This film is based on children’s fantasy books about tiny people who live under the floorboards of a cottage and borrow things from the Big People who live above. It has a British/American cast, which includes Jim Broadbent and John Goodman.



Saturday 12 April 2014


A.I. Artificial Intelligence

M-Net Movies Showcase (channel 108) | 2pm | PG13

Realistic robots are created to serve humans in the not-too-distant future. When a young robot develops emotions, he tries to become a real boy. Directed by Steven Spielberg, and starring Jude Law and Hayley Joel Osment.



Sunday 13 April 2014


Jurassic Park

M-Net Movies Showcase (channel 108) | 11.45am | PG13

The best theme park ever created – or a recipe for disaster? Bringing dinosaurs back from extinction is a scientist’s dream – until things start going wrong. This classic thriller stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern.

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