What we will be watching this week…

Monday 14 April 2014



M-Net Movies Premiere (channel 103) | 6.30pm | PG13

A girl discovers an entire world of tiny human beings who live in a magical forest when she shrinks to their size. With the voice talents of Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson.



Tuesday 15 April 2014


The Magic Of Belle Isle

M-Net Movies Premiere (channel 103) | 6.30pm | PG13

Morgan Freeman stars as a writer who has lost his inspiration and will to live, until he visits a quiet town and meets people who inspire him again.



Wednesday 16 April 2014


The Iron Giant

M-Net Movies Family (channel 105) | 7pm | PG

Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel lend their voices to this endearing animated film about a boy who finds a robot in a junkyard. They become friends, but a paranoid government agent wants to destroy it…



Thursday 17 April 2014


Inventions That Shook The World

Discovery HD (channel 180) | 5.40pm | Family

We’re enjoying this informative series that explores the inventions of the 1930s, such as electric guitars, helicopters and photocopiers.



Friday 18 April 2014


Rise Of The Guardians

M-Net Movies Family (channel 105) | 7pm | PG

An evil darkness threatens to destroy the imagination of the world’s children, but the mythical Guardians fight to save the day!



Saturday 19 April 2014


Pretty In Pink

M-Net Movies Romance (channel 107) | 2pm | PG13

Molly Ringwald stars in this classic movie from the ’80s about an unpopular girl who falls for the rich new guy, but also discovers that her best friend has had a crush on her for years.



Sunday 20 April 2014


Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

M-Net Movies Comedy (channel 104) | 1.45pm | PG

Lazy afternoon laughs… The animal friends join a travelling circus to get back to their beloved zoo, but an animal-control captain thwarts their plans.


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