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The new FindU app for smartphones keeps track of your location, and more



If you’re walking to your car, taking a taxi alone or driving late at night and feel unsafe, turn on the tracking process of the FindU app, and your location will be sent to the ADT Monitoring Centre, refreshed every 15 seconds.


If something does go wrong, tapping, shaking or swiping your handset sends an alert; you’ll then be contacted and an appropriate emergency services team will be dispatched. Your emergency contact will also be notified.


‘For example, if your teenager’s car breaks down along the highway they can activate an alert,’ says Martin Ochien’g, ADT’s marketing and strategy director. ‘We will dispatch an armed-response officer to wait with them until roadside assistance arrives, and we will contact you to let you know what is happening,’ says Mr Ochien’g.


The app is great for outdoor enthusiasts too – if you’re a hiker or sailor you can use it for mountain or sea rescue too.


You can even enable the app to automatically upload live video and audio, so ADT can see and hear exactly what’s going on.


FindU is available for free download at www.adtfindu.co.za. Non-ADT Armed Response customers will pay R49 per month subscription. Discounted rates apply for existing clients.

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