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Get Closer with Oreo

We all have hectic lives, running around and juggling work, children, the household and more.



In a recent study carried out by Oreo, it found that one of the key challenges affecting the South African family is time. We all desire quality time with our children and to be part of a close-knit family.


The good news is that quality time doesn’t necessarily require lots of time. By spending precious moments together, you can still establish a strong bond with your family. Oreo allows families to connect in powerfully simple ways that create lasting family bonds. Family traditions give both the parent and the child the feeling of belonging.


Here are 10 easy Oreo Family Moments to bring your family closer together:


1. Highs and Lows

After dinner each night, sit around the table and have a glass of milk with Oreos while each member of the family takes a turn to tell their highs and lows of the day.


2. Hide and Seek

Invent a family game where you take turns to hide an Oreo for another family member. Write a special message to go with the biscuit.


3. ‘Are we there yet?’

Taking the road when going on holiday or even to school may mean bored children in the car. Make up a game to make the time pass more quickly. Ask trivial questions and reward correct answers with Oreos.


4. Make Oreo the Fantasy Treat

Not only Santa needs refreshments after a long night of delivering presents – the tooth fairy and even the sandman might also need a bedside snack while doing their job. Why not make it fun by writing them a note and leading them from the front door to your child’s bed? (Just remember to remove the Oreo after your child has gone to sleep!)


5. Friday Fun

When the weekend starts, everyone is in good spirits. Make the most of Friday nights by relaxing with a movie the whole family can enjoy. Serve Oreo milkshakes with popcorn.


6. Sleep-in Saturdays

On Saturdays, wake up your little ones with their favourite treat – an Oreo to twist, lick and dunk in a glass of milk. They’ll love it!


7. Sunday Dessert

After a delicious Sunday lunch, something sweet usually goes down very well. Get the kids to break Oreo crumbs into semi-melted ice cream and freeze it again. Make this your Sunday Dessert and prepare it a day or two in advance.


8. Countdown

Before special occasions like birthdays, why not have an Oreo countdown? Make a chart with the days counting down to the event and stick an Oreo over the number of days left. That way the whole family can get excited together every day.


9. My First…

Youngsters regularly experience new things. Celebrate these little occasions, like the first time at the dentist, the first time riding on a two-wheel bicycle or a first sports match, with an Oreo-and-milk toast where the whole family acknowledges the achievement.


10. Exam Butterflies

Every night before your children write an exam, get the family together to wish them good luck. Encourage them to relax and get their minds off the stress by spending a few minutes together to chat and touch base after a long afternoon of studying. And what better way to do just that than with a glass of milk and a delicious Oreo?


What is your family’s favourite OREO-ntated Moment? Tell us on our Facebook Page.



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