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Get road-trip ready

Planning a trip? Make the journey as fun (well, almost!) as the destination


Here’s how to prepare before heading for the hills:


1. Getting your car road-trip ready

While you may not need a full service prior to your trip, a safety inspection is a good idea and undoubtedly money well spent. Check tyres for tread, the battery, oil levels, wiper blades and brakes, and check that your insurance and/or AA membership are up to date.



2. Plan your path

If you’ll be stopping off in towns and cities you’ve never been to, plan ahead to avoid late-night U-turns while looking for that off-the-beaten-track guesthouse. If you have a GPs, plot your various destinations before you leave or call ahead to get directions.



3. On-track packing

While it’s tempting to shove all your holiday gear into a suitcase, opt for a soft duffel bag instead – they take up less space and can be squished into a small area. Plus they are easier to access if need be. if staying overnight, separate the evening’s clothes into a separate compartment or large ziplock bag, and likewise the clothes for the next day, to avoid having to repack everything.



4. Keep the children from killing each other

Bored with I spy? We say surrender to the wonders of modern technology. The Sinotec 7” Dual View Portable DVD Player (R1  199, Makro) clips onto the back of the front seats (and can stand on a table top too). Invest in some earphones so that kids can catch up on their favourite films and you can chat to the driver.



Compiled by Vicki Sleet

Source: Good Housekeeping magazine

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