How to deal with a grandmother who spoils your children too much

’Tis the season for family visits. Here’s how to stand your ground while keeping the peace

Shot of a grandmother and grandson sitting at home using a digital tablet together

Some say there’s no stronger bond than that between a woman and her mother. But when your mother starts interfering with your parenting style, it could lead to an irreconcilable falling-out.


Prepare yourself before the festive season (and family get-togethers) gets into full swing:


  1. Raise your concerns: Tell your mother why you feel it’s unfair towards your children – and you – if they get sweets and toys every time Grandma comes to visit. If she knows why you’re feeling apprehensive, she’ll be more likely to comply.
  2. Make the rules: Be clear about when you normally give your kids treats. Explain the reasoning behind the way you do things and ask her to respect your parenting ways.
  3. Be firm: It’s not easy to say no when your child throws the ‘but grandma lets me’ line. If you have a legitimate reason for sticking to your rules, say no. But offer to make up for it: ‘Maybe we can have chocolate cake tomorrow?’
  4. Maintain a balance: Grandmothers are supposed to spoil their grandchildren … a little. If you’re clear about the way you treat your kids, she’ll know when she’s crossing the line. And if you feel that she is, don’t wait until it’s too late – address the issue immediately.


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