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How to Manage Pre-wedding Stress

The wedding-planning process should bring you and your partner closer and build your intimacy, but too much stress can turn you into Bridezilla and Groomzilla! Here’s how to manage it

1. Recognise and Understand the Signs of Stress


Symptoms of stress overload include stomachaches, headaches, sleep problems, poor concentration, moodiness and racing thoughts.



2. Identify and Understand the Sources of Stress



Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the pre-wedding period can be the disparity between its inherent stress, on one hand, and expectations that it will be a time of happiness and fulfilment, on the other.


Other sources of stress don’t go away just because you are getting married. These additional stressors can compound pre-wedding stress. Keep in mind that all change is stressful, including good change. (And isn’t getting married a huge good change?)


Some of these stressors are controllable. For example, you control how perfect you expect your wedding to be. Other stressors, such as personal losses and illnesses, are beyond your control.


To deal with stress overload, you must first recognise and manage those sources of stress that are within your control.



3. Learn to Manage Controllable Sources of Stress



If you are experiencing symptoms of stress overload, consider what you can do to reduce your stress load.


* Talk with your partner and make sure your wedding plans reflect your true desires. Some couples launch elaborate wedding plans without stopping to think through whether these are based on unexamined assumptions about what each partner wants.

* You may be able to delegate some chores or tasks to your partner, friends or relatives.


* Accept that there are limits to your control over the wedding. What doesn’t go exactly according to plan will become a cherished wedding story in years to come.

* You may be able to reduce your workload or take some time off work during the pre-wedding period.


* Many social obligations can be deferred. People will understand when you tell them that you are overtaxed by the wedding planning.



4. Support yourself During Stress

* Get enough sleep.

* Exercise every day.

* Eat regular, balanced meals.

* Avoid excess sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs. These cause your system to ‘crash’ after the temporary stimulating or relaxing effect.

* Learn relaxation exercises or meditation.

* Maintain your perspective. Talk to others about the stress.

* Make time for fun and other pleasurable activities.

* Make time to connect with your partner and spend positive time together.


For more info go to www.stayhitched.com/stress.htm.


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