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Interview with actress Josette Eales

We chatted to this lovely SA star about her life, work and her relationship with her father

@GoodHouseSA: Today we’re chatting to well-known South African actress Josette Eales. Welcome Josette!

@JosetteEales: Thank you! It’s fabulous to be chatting with you this morning.


@GoodHouseSA: Ditto 🙂 We known you studied Drama and Performance (amongst other things), so did you always want to be an actress?

@JosetteEales: I wanted to be a ballet dancer but when my thighs grew I owned up to the unrealistic goal I was aiming for and opted for acting.


@GoodHouseSA: Yes, we hear you are a trained Ballet, Modern & Jazz (to name but a few) dancer. Is this the reason for your fantastic physique?

@JosetteEales: My dance career certainly taught me how to care for my body but it still takes constant work at the gym, running & eating right.


@GoodHouseSA: In winter we tend to eat more & do less. Do you have any advice on how to stick to your diet & exercise plan during winter?

@JosetteEales: I’d say find healthy alternatives to curb the cravings & when it’s dark & cold, remember how good it feels post work-out. Go sweat!


@GoodHouseSA: Great advice! Thanks, Josette. Your look is always flawless, on screen and off. What is the one beauty product you simply cannot live without?

@JosetteEales: Gee, thank you! Definitely the Dermalogica range. It’s truly amazing & ‘Power Rich’ is my new sinful winter addiction!


@GoodHouseSA: We’re also fans of Dermalogica! What would you say is the most important beauty tip to keep in mind for winter?

@JosetteEales: Even though it’s cold don’t forget to drink lots of water & for heaven’s sake, beauty comes from inside! So if you feel good, it shows!


@GoodHouseSA: We couldn’t agree more!

@GoodHouseSA: You’re currently playing the role of Sarah van Reenen in MNet’s The Wild. Are you in any way like Sarah, or not at all?

@JosetteEales: Sarah is grounded & has a deep sense of positivity – in this way we are alike, but she is FAR more black & white & is a lot braver than I am.


@GoodHouseSA: You have a successful on-screen career but have also starred in many theatre productions. Which do you prefer – theatre or TV?

@JosetteEales: Theatre is my first love & its ephemeral nature is exciting… addictive! TV is my new love & I’m falling head over heels for it!


@GoodHouseSA: Good to know that we’ll be seeing more of you on TV! Speaking of which, you recently starred in the new Leon Schuster film, Mad Buddies. How was it working with the famous SA actor?

@JosetteEales: He is everything you’d expect him to be & more. His humility & work ethic is inspiring. I had an absolute ball!


@GoodHouseSA: We can just imagine! So June is the month of Father’s Day. Are you planning anything special for this day?

@JosetteEales: I’ve got a friend’s wedding on the 16th. My dad will be there too so we’ll probably do breakfast & he’ll drive me to the airport 🙂


@GoodHouseSA:  Sweet 🙂 What would you say is the most special gift your father ever gave you?

@JosetteEales: The best gift was inherited – his sense of humor. The best gifts he gave me was the freedom to do what I love & also my education.


@GoodHouseSA: Sounds like you two are quite close 🙂 Lastly, do you have any advice for young actors who are at the threshold of their career?

@JosetteEales: We are! Yes, this business is foxy so hustle while you have the energy & always fight to find your character’s truth. Faith also helps 🙂 It must also be said if there is anything else that might make you happy, do that because acting is hard & it takes all of you.


@GoodHouseSA: Some tried & tested advice, so take note! Thank you for your time, Josette! It was lovely chatting to you. We wish you all the best!

@JosetteEales: Thank you! Here’s to the mag flying off the shelves this month! I loved the Gwyneth Paltrow interview.


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