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Invest your spare cash

A little really can go a long way


Take just R5…


If someone gave you a R5 coin, you probably wouldn’t do a victory dance. But if 10 people each gave you a R5 coin you might think differently.


After all, you can do something with R50. You could buy the day’s bread and milk plus a coffee at your favourite deli or a takeaway for two. Most days you get handed one or more R5 coins in your change. At the end of each day, collect them and put them in a piggy bank. Note the day you start and save them for a year.


If you save one a day, in one year you will have collected R1 825. If you save two a day you’ll have R3 650. The beauty of this way of saving is that you don’t really feel it.


If you want to beef up the effect, use a note every time you go shopping, even if you have enough change. This money can be used as an emergency fund.



Source: Good Housekeeping magazine

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