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Is your toddler a Luis Suarez?

5 tips to stop your toddler biting from paediatrician Dr Vincent Iannelli

1. Keep your eyes open

‘Try to say ‘no bite’ firmly, but calmly if she is about to bite,’ says Dr Iannelli. You’ll need to shadow her in a way that she doesn’t know she is getting extra attention.


2. Keep saying no

If you got there too late – still reiterate the ‘no bite’ message – again, firmly but calmly.


3. Remove and ignore

‘After she bites, it can be a good idea to move her away from the other child and ignore her for a few minutes,’ suggests Iannelli.


4. Reinforce the message

Even when your child is not in company, it is good to remind her that biting isn’t good, reminding her that ‘biting hurts’


5. Don’t forget to praise

‘Provide praise and positive attention when she isn’t biting and is playing nicely.’



Click here for more practical info on preventing biting


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