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Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Fun Game Nights

Our March cover star knows her way around charades, cards and much, much more. She lets us in on her secrets, so you can join in the fun



Sure, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a pro at making people laugh. (Who can forget the Elaine dance on Seinfeld?) But the star of Veep also knows how to have a good time off camera. She loves games and admits that she has a competitive streak ‘though not in a way that zaps the fun – I don’t take it too seriously’.

The actress likes to invite friends over to her and husband Brad Hall’s Los Angeles home for raucous rounds of charades and Celebrity. Julia keeps these get-togethers casual. ‘I’m not one of those people who can carry on a fluid conversation while getting the chicken out of the oven – I can’t handle the stress!’ she says. Instead, she plans a potluck. ‘That way, I get to chat and giggle with friends,’ she says


Julia’s Playtime


1. Her fave game

Celebrity – a ‘20 Questions-ish’ party game in which players guess the hidden name of a star: ‘I’m not that great, but our non-showbiz friends are really good.’


2. Sweet strategy

‘Sometimes I tell guests there’s no dinner, just bring a dessert. And I love to bake – pies, cakes…’


3. Card shark

‘I also get together with girlfriends to play cards.’


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