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Marion Holm’s Scrapbook

Actress Marion Holm reflects on the people and things that have made her life special


1 Books. When my two sisters and I were growing up, reading was our preservation. Library tickets were sacred and got swapped for chores. I read encyclopedias from A to Z, which came in handy when it was time for impromptu orals.




2 I love classical music. That was one of two special things my dad, Christie, and I shared. I have a wide variety of vinyl records and an antique teak vinyl cabinet; my dad used to manipulate a prickly-pear thorn to get the music going. Our other shared passion was cricket.



3 The DVD’s from all my performances. This year I’ll be taking my tenth one-woman show to stage, called <i>HOLM: geMARIONneer<i/>.



4 Some jewelry. For as long as I can remember I wanted pearls; I eventually received this string a few years ago from my partner, Marietjie Rossouw. The seal ring was my late dad’s wedding ring – it has my mom’s nickname, Nakkie, engraved on it. The other ring was my mom’s engagement ring. It’s a little worn on the one side where her wedding band chafed against it.





5 My christening dress (which I continued to wear until I turned five!). My mom was 40 when I was born, which was considered very old. There were complications with my birth and the doctor said it was possible that only my mom or I would live. We both survived.


6 Coco Chanel lipstick in Lune Rousse. It’s my favourite colour; sadly it’s been discontinued.



7 My holdall bag from Nataniël. We grew up together in Kuils River and have been friends for 38 years. He is very generous and many beautiful – and useful – artefacts in our house were gifts from him.




See Marion in action at Aardklop

Where: Potchefstroom, Virseker Girls High

Cost: R 110


25 September – 09:00

26 September – 14:30

27 September – 17:00

28 September – 14:30

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