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Minimise fighting with your teen

Fighting fair means steering clear of tactics that act like a match to petrol. Here’s advice from our experts:





1. STICK TO ONE ISSUE AT A TIME. Avoid the ‘kitchen sink’ arguments that start with one thing and end up encompassing your kid’s every transgression over the past two years.


2. NIX ‘FOREVER’ WORDS: ‘You always throw your towels on the bathroom floor’; ‘You never listen to me when i talk to you.’


3. AVOID COMPARISONS like ‘Your brother never had any trouble getting home on time.’


4. SKIP THESE PROVEN TEEN-ENRAGING PHRASES: ‘End of conversation.’ ‘When i was your age…’ ‘Here we go again with this.’ ‘I cannot believe you just said that.’ ‘My mother would have slapped me in the face if I’d talked to her that way.’ ‘I’ve had it with you.’

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