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5 ways to spoil yourself with your 13th cheque

Go on, spoil yourself!
13de tjek


If you were lucky enough to receive a 13th cheque – or any kind of bonus – at the end of last year (and you haven’t spent it already), why not spoil yourself, especially if you spent last year saving and budgeting? We’ve compiled a list of five luxury ways you can spend your bonus.

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1. Book an international trip

There has to be one place in the world, be it Barcelona, the Maldives or Mozambique, that you have always wanted to visit but keep putting off because you want to invest the equivalent in your home or elsewhere. Find a destination that you have dreamed about and visit one of the many travel sites available to find a trip that fits your budget. 


2. Go on a mini shopping spree

Depending on how far your 13th cheque will stretch, go on a shopping spree. Don’t buy the staples that you buy at the beginning of every season, but rather spoil yourself with a fews pairs of shoes or a fabulous leather handbag or two. These should be items you don’t have in your wardrobe, or items you really need to update because your brogues from 1999 aren’t as trendy as they used to be. 


3. Change your hair

Whether you have always wanted to get a Brazillian treatment or add extensions, this is the time to do it. Having it blow-dried or trimmed isn’t going to, er, cut it. Rather opt for a completely new look that you have always admired but have never been able to afford to go through with. Changing to a new colour is a good start. 


4. Upgrade your laptop

If you are constantly on the go but always need to stay connected, consider upgrading your laptop to a better, more efficient model. This is an investment spoil that will benefit you and your career. 


5. Give yourself the gift of time

If you’ve been wearing the same watch for what seems like forever, perhaps now is the time to invest in a new one. This is a practical and fashionable spoil. You’ll never be late for anything again.

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