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Nando’s #NekNomination with a twist

The popular South African eatery shows they can put their chicken where their mouth is after being ‘Nek Nominated’


The Internet has been abuzz with the current craze of the #NekNomination; a social media trend that sees someone down an alcoholic beverage on video before nominating someone else to do the same. The game has been pleasantly reappropriated by Brent Lindeque, a young South African, who decided to do something different when he was nominated; challenging people to do acts of charity instead.


Nando’s South Africa has stepped up to this challenge. This comes after Robbie Ragless and Yakeen Sadiq, two enthusiastic Nando’s fans who accepted Brent Lindeque’s challenge, filmed themselves driving past a rival food chain into a Nando’s where they procured a delectable Nando’s lunch for 90 underprivileged children at the Masikhululeke Educare Centre in Milnerton, Cape Town, before presenting Nando’s with the following challenge: ‘Nando’s,’ they said, ‘you’ve got one week to give whatever you want to whomever, but just make sure it’s charitable.’


It is a challenge that Nando’s accepted wholeheartedly. ‘At Nando’s we try always to have the courage to do the right thing,’ said Lindani Mnyandu, Nando’s General Manager/Marketing Communications. ‘And when we were #NekNominated we knew we had to help Brent Lindeque achieve his turnaround dream, as well as reward the faith in us shown by Robbie Ragless and Yakeen Sadiq. They knew Nando’s was a perfect fit for this, and so did we. As we say in our video, how could we resist the opportunity to turn a dangerous online drinking game that encouraged the irresponsible use of alcohol into a challenge to fire up the world to do good rather than harm. Nando’s has always been a company that loves doing good, in South Africa and around the world.’


Nando’s will be fulfilling their Nek Nomination by helping the Sithandiwe Disabled Day Care Centre in the Alexandra township renovate their kitchen and dining area.


‘We were delighted to be able to help this amazing family and assist Brent in repurposing this phenomenon to do good. Sithandiwe still needs a huge amount of help – so if there’s anyone out there who can help, consider yourselves #NekNominated,’ says Ashley Stansfield, Nando’s Advertising and PR Manager.


What do you think of this #NekNomination?

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