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New app for preschoolers

Develop and expand your child’s language, memory and problem-solving skills with the Nestlé Nido 3+ StimuLearn interactive app for preschool kids

Stimulating and interactive educational apps are a great way for children to learn new skills, and to sharpen and improve on existing ones. ‘The biggest development in children comes from interaction, therefore it is imperative to make sure that we’re using the right tools to assist in the development of children’s skills,’ says education expert Gavin Keller. ‘Interactive tools such as StimuLearn from Nestlé Nido 3+ help children explore, discover, inquire, make decisions and take risks. Through this experience, children gather information that helps them build skills such as language, psychomotor, problem-solving, attention, concentration and memory,’ says Keller. The app was designed specifically for preschool children aged three to five years. It also allows parents to track their child’s progress and monitor their skills growth as they play.

STIMULEARN offers the following games:

  • Pearl Beach – designed to aid or improve psychomotor skills.
  • Island Market – designed to aid/improve language, memory and attention.
  • Story House – designed to aid/improve language and attention skills.
  • Forgotten Castle – designed to aid/improve memory.
  • Mr Skylab – designed to aid/improve problem-solving skills.

Download the StimuLearn app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.


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