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Now you can FINALLY do this on WhatsApp!

Sent a WhatsApp message you wish you hadn’t? Now there’s a solution

Most of us have at one time or another sent a WhatsApp message that we regretted sending the second after we hit the send button. Now WhatsApp has launched its new delete feature, where you can delete that regrettable message you’ve sent to someone on your contact list.

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You’ll now be able to delete messages that have been sent, whether it’s to one person or an entire group. However, you will only have seven minutes to delete a message after sending it, and the recipient of your deleted message will get a notification saying ‘This message was deleted’.

whatsapp deletes

A notification will also appear on your screen saying ‘You deleted this message’.

whatsapp deletes

This is still great news, considering the recipient of the message won’t see the actual message that was sent – IF, of course, they have not already read it. If they have already read it when you delete the message, the message will simply disappear. Phew! Now you can start deleting your messages in three easy steps.

3 easy steps to delete your WhatsApp messages

  1. Open your WhatsApp app and go to the contact and message you wish to delete.
  2. Tap on the message and keep holding your finger there until a black bar appears above the message, then choose the ‘Delete’ option from the menu. 
  3. Click on the trash can icon and then choose the option ‘Delete for everyone’. Please note that if you choose the ‘Delete for me’ option, your contacts will still be able to see the messages you sent or media that you wish to delete.

This new feature will be available to all WhatsApp’s Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps and WhatsApp Web. This feature works with both texts and any media being sent. According to the frequently asked questions section on WhatsApp’s website, both you and your recipient must have the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone in order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone.

There you go. Happy deleting!

Cover image: iSock/Poike



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