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Our book editor on Expresso

In case you missed the Expresso show this morning on SABC 3, here’s the clip of our book editor, Masechaba Mkefa chatting about the good reads in our latest issue.

TRUE STORY: So, what’s it like to be on live TV? Our #GHTVStar Masechaba Mkefa tells it like it is:

‘I was TV! On live TV!’ I am still running this through my head. When Expresso called to ask me to talk about the books we have featured in our June issue, my first thought was that I was being ‘Punk’d’. My second? Thank heavens I’d spent the who weekend braiding my hair! After 3 outfit changes – what would YOU wear if you were going to be beamed to the nation – I arrived at the studio to a waiting room filled with people who all  looked a lot calmer than I felt. I was whisked off to make-up (I want the make-up artist to live with me) and then through to the studio. Mic on, smiles for Africa (I think my jaw still aches) and this was it. What if I swore? What if I forgot the names of the books? The story lines? The first time I even saw Leigh–Ann Williams, who was interviewing me, was exactly 15 seconds before the cameras starting rolling. But she was brilliant – she took one look at my scared face, told me to breathe and that I’d be fine. Then the count down to live…  8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! Which camera do I look into…?


Click here to watch Masechaba’s Express clip – we think she was born to be a #GHTVStar!




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