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Healthy lunchboxes

Are you stuck for ideas? Here’s our advice:

Do you have to pack lunchboxes for your children every day of the week? Have you run out of ideas for how to strike a balance between healthy food and your child’s picky eating habits? These suggestions and tips will make your life easier:


Think ahead

Plan ahead so that your child doesn’t end up eating a Marmite a sandwich every day. Also think about how many meals the food in the lunchbox should be enough for. Make things easier by using leftovers creatively.


Have fun

Children also eat with their eyes, so try to make their lunchboxes interesting and fun. It’s all about packaging and presentation.

  • Let them choose their own lunchboxes and cool bags.
  • Buy colourful plastic cutlery and napkins.
  • Use cookie cutters to make the sandwiches more interesting.
  • Let your children make their own mix of nuts and dried fruit, or get them to help you bake muffins.
  • Children love making their own food. Pack a burrito or a mini pita in their lunchboxes with shredded vegetables, meat and sauce so that they can make their own meal.


High five

Keep it healthy and balanced by including food from all five food groups:

  • Bread and other starches
  • Proteins
  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Fats and oils (Include a treat occasionally – it’s all about balance)



  • Freeze your child’s cool drink the night before. It will thaw during the day and stay nice and cold.
  • If you’re putting tomato on a sandwich, place the tomato between fillings and not directly onto the bread. This prevents the bread from becoming soggy.
  • When using avocado, drizzle it with a little lemon juice to prevent it from becoming discoloured.
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