My Scrapbook: Angel Jones

Angel Jones, the CEO of Homecoming Revolution, a recruitment company that helps expats return home, and who Thabo Mbeki mentioned in a State of the Nation Address, talks about wearing wings and how Madiba made her cry
Angel Jones

I DISPLAY THIS MADIBA HEAD AT EVERY EVENT AND EXHIBIT, whether it’s in London or New York. Madiba is the reason I returned to SA after listening to him in Trafalgar Square in 1999. When he said, ‘I love you all so much I want to put you in my pocket and take you home,’ I burst into tears and knew it was time.


WE GIVE OUT THESE #HEARTAFRICA STENCILS  at our Homecoming Revolution campaigns so people can fi ll the gap with an image they choose and then post this online, just to show what they love about Africa. As a South African, I would not choose to bring my kids up in any other country. I feel so alive here.


THE FIRST TIME I LOVED MY BODY WAS WHEN I WAS PREGNANT WITH MY DAUGHTER, LULU. And again with my son, Samuel – I marvelled at what my body could do.


MY RED TEA SET BELONGED TO MY GRANDMOTHER LULU who died when my mother, Anne, was 16. My grandfather built a wing in her name at Roedean, the school I went to, so it always felt like she was around me.


A STRANGE MAN WITH KOHL-LINED EYES sold these ‘God rocks’ to me while I was climbing Mount Sinai in the fog. Immediately afterwards, the fog cleared and, as the sun shone in my eyes, I remembered the line in the Bible: ‘A new commandment I give unto you.’ I keep the rocks next to my bed and hold them when I pray or meditate.


MY HUSBAND, CARLOS GOMES, proposed at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I’d been wearing my ring for about 10 minutes in our hotel room in Arusha when I opened a heavy sash window and it promptly came crashing down. The ring protected my finger from being chopped off . That’s why it’s a bit skew.


I STARTED WEARING WINGS AS A SHAMELESS PR EXERCISE when I launched an ad agency, Morris Jones, about a decade ago. It played on my name Angel and was a good opportunity to hand out my business card whenever someone asked me about the wings. I had 13 different pairs, but have auctioned off most of them.


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