My Scrapbook: Jocelyn Broderick


MY PARENTS, JOYCE AND TERRY, GAVE ME THIS CROSS. We’re Catholic and the cross symbolises having a faith and a solid foundation. I wear it when I need something to help me feel protected.


I LOVE THIS CARPET. I’ve always appreciated a combination of old-fashioned and modern textures. It mirrors the balance women have to maintain between so many things: home, work, friendships and family…And I have a lot of family – about 22 members of extended family. As many of us as possible meet at my mom’s place every week.


THESE ARE GETROUD ME RUGBY CHARACTER NINA BEKKER’S HIGH HEELED SHOES. Nina is similar to me, but she’s more conservative. She listens to her husband while I go, ‘You want what?!’ to my partner, Adrian. But she’s starting to come into her own. It’s that wonderful sense of liberation that comes as you get older.


JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD, with Jonathan Rands and Gordon Mulholland, gave me my first big movie role in 1986 at the age of 22. I played Lillian, the ‘girl who married the guy who had the dog.’


MY BEST FRIEND, comedienne Gilda Blacher, gave me this candleholder as something to remember her by before she emigrated to Australia. It’s a symbol of our friendship and I always think of her when I light the candle. We were joined at the hip – we laughed and cried together. I miss her desperately.


GABRIEL WAS BORN AT HOME in a bath filled with water to gentle music. I was 41 and everyone said i was crazy. But I felt Adrian and I were given a gift and I was going to embrace it completely. My first son, Devon, was 10 at the time and he breathed with me to help support me through labour and helped cut the cord. Today he says he can’t believe he did that!


 MY SISTER KATHY and I were 11 months apart. She died of an aneurysm three years ago aged 51. We were four sister and very close. It’s left a huge hole. We used to sing together and had sung Forever Young at a wedding a few months before she died – I had no idea it would be our last time. Now I believe we must live for every moment.


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