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Shop safely online

It’s so convenient and easy to shop online, but is it safe? These five tips will ensure you some piece of mind when making purchases online


1. Make sure the website is encrypted

Always check that the website address has “https” instead of “http” in it. This is an indication that the site is secure.


2. Credit is best

Paying with a credit card is considered the safest way to purchase items online. Remember, if you’re using a shared or public computer, be sure to log out of the shopping site and clear the browser history afterwards.


3. Do your homework

Review the company’s terms and conditions, and return, refund and repair policies. If they’re not available online (this should already be seen as a red light!), request them via email or telephone from the company.


4. Have proof

Print a copy of your order and write down important details like your reference or tracking number. It’s always a good idea to keep records. (This tip is especially important if you’re purchasing something from overseas.)


5. Secure safe delivery

If you’re worried about not being home when the delivery is made, provide your work address instead as deliveries are usually made during office hours.


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