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Simple steps for managing your time more effectively

With these five steps you’ll even get some precious me-time out of your day!

Do you accomplish what you want to before deadlines? If not, then you are probably not managing your time as well as you could or want to. “Time management is a skill that we’re often not born with but really need to learn,” explains Robyn Farrell, managing director of 1st for Women Insurance Brokers, adding, “that skill can go a long way in making life less stressful and in creating more time for the things that matter.”


Get the most out of every day by learning how to juggle work, friends and family responsibilities. With these five steps you’ll event get some precious me-time out of your day!


1. Make a list

Plan your day the night before and list all your tasks in order of importance. It’s a good idea to use an organizer to help you keep track of tasks, to-do lists and other relevant information.


2. Be realistic

Assign realistic deadlines for each task. Be very clear about what to finish by when. For example, say: Task X needs to be completed by 12am tomorrow.


3. Don’t multitask

Concentrate on the task at hand, finish it and then move on. You’ll be much more efficient this way. You may think you’re accomplishing a lot by trying to multitasking when you’re actually just switching from one task to another and not getting anything done at all.


4. Say ‘yes’ to saying ‘no’

Rather be honest from the start than having to cancel al the last minute. If you don’t have time, simply decline invitations to meetings or events and don’t volunteer for a committee.


5. Pass it on

Delegate as much as you can. By delegating you are not only taking a load off yourself, you’re also giving yourself more time to focus on more important tasks.  Farrell says: “Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to the rest of your family: grannies that can fetch from school and sometimes take to extra lessons. It’s okay not to be able to manage everything all the time and asking for help and support if you can is a valuable tool.”

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